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You hair should be at least 1/4" long (5 weeks since your last wax or 4 weeks since you last shaved). Hair that’s too short may cause breakage, leaving you with unwanted stubble.

Take a warm shower and gently exfoliate the skin prior to service. This will provide an easier removal of the hair follicles, ensuring smoother results.

Take a Tylenol 30-45 minutes prior to service to help minimize any discomfort.

Avoid heat related activities like hot yoga, steam rooms and tanning immediately before service.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol immediately before service. Stimulants in the system can cause the skin to be extra sensitive.

Do not wax if you are on any skin sensitive medications that may cause the skin to lift (ie. Accutane or Retin-A).

Let us know if it's your first time waxing, if you're pregnant, if it's that time of the month, or if you've had previous adverse reactions to waxing. This will allow us to cater your service to your needs.

You may experience some redness which usually subsides within 24-48 hours. If it's your first time waxing and/or have coarse hair, you may experience more irritation than usual due to the hair follicles being deeply rooted. Try our Calm Down Relief Cream to soothe the skin and reduce any post-wax irritation.

After a wax, your pores just want to breathe. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that won't rub against and/or irritate the skin.

Keep your freshly waxed pores clean for at least 24 hours after your service. Any sweat and/or bacteria that enters the pores may cause an adverse reaction. Be sure to avoid the following activities:
• NO heat related activities (ie. hot yoga, steam rooms, tanning)
• NO excessive exercise/sweating
• NO swimming
• NO pedicures/foot soaks (for lower leg waxes)

Don’t shave or trim. You'll have the urge to pick up the razor, but don't do it. Regular, consistent waxing will lead to regrowth that is softer and often more sparse.

Stay on a consistent waxing routine. Book your appointments 5-6 weeks apart. Hair grows in different cycles, so it’s best to allow enough time for the hairs to fully grow out; which will ultimately lead to longer, smoother results.

Start exfoliating 2 days after your wax. Exfoliating regularly will remove any dead skin build-up which may be blocking the pores and preventing new hair regrowth. Try our all-natural Buff-Stuff cloth for a gentle and effective daily exfoliator.

For stubborn ingrown hairs and bumps, use a spot treatment like our Smooth Roller Ingrown Hair Serum.


Waxing, unlike shaving, removes hair directly from the root, leaving the skin nice and smooth for weeks. Regular, consistent waxing (every 5-6 weeks), will result in regrowth that is softer and often more sparse.

Stripped’s ICONIC Cream Wax has a low melting temperature so it’s super safe and gentle on the skin. It removes hair quickly with the use of cotton strips. Alternatively, hardwax is removed after it has hardened and shrink-wrapped around the hair shaft. It’s recommended for sensitive skin and/or coarse hair and can only be applied to smaller, delicate areas such as the face or bikini area.

The Bikini service tidies up the hair on the outer sides of the panty line. The French removes hair from the top and sides leaving just the labia. The Brazilian removes it all or you can opt for a little landing strip.

Never. Proud to be Beauty Safe Certified since 2010, we’ll always ensure the highest level of sanitation and safety standards across our locations.

Absolutely. We simply ask that you wear a fresh tampon to your service. Keep in mind getting waxed right before or during your period may be more uncomfortable than usual as your hormones and sensitivities are kicking in. The best time for down-there waxing is mid-cycle.

For best results, your hair should be about 1/4" long (5 weeks since your last wax or 4 weeks since you last shaved).

The recommended time between waxing is 5-6 weeks.

No, we want your hair exactly as it is as you may trim the hair too short. Trimming and shaving also encourages more hair growth, the opposite of what we want! We’re all pro’s and no amount of hair is too difficult for us to wax.

In order to keep our pricing consistent, we charge by the service area instead of the amount of hair.

Not at all. All of our services simply require you to lay on either your front or back.

There's a reason we offer the FIRST-TIME Brazilian service! No need to be nervous. Just tell your Waxer it's your first time and they'll walk you through the entire process step by step. Keep in mind, since it's your first time waxing, the hair follicles will be deeply rooted which can often take up to 2-3 waxing cycles for super smooth results.

We take pride in being an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone. It’s important to note that each service we offer requires a specific amount of time and skill level. Not all our Waxers are certified on the Speedo & Down-Under services so it’s important in these instances that the correct anatomy be selected. For all other services, we encourage you to select the service you identify with. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions so please feel free to drop us a line!

All of our waxing services require a minimum age of 16 years old unless accompanied by a parent.

The recommended time to wax before any big event (ie. wedding, anniversary, vacation) is 2-3 days. This will allow any redness or irritation to pass. However, if this is your first time waxing, we strongly recommend completing at least 1 full waxing cycle to assess skin sensitivity, hair type and possible skin reactions. We would hate to see you head to your big day with irritated skin.

We don't recommend waxing on skin that has been exposed to heat and/or sun for at least 24 hours. We don't want to add any irritation to already irritated skin (especially sunburnt skin!).

It’s best to avoid friction and/or excessive sweat immediately after waxing as it may cause irritation to your freshly waxed pores.

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